Found in Brussel - Hull international short film festival

Found in Brussel 
5th Hull international short film festival
Sunday 1 October

Crossing Boundaries 2
Camera gaze
 11–12.30pm at Hull Screen
Experimental film and video that use the camera gaze in new and playful ways.

- Cabinet Tim Shore|2006|18’20m|UK
A meditation on the fetish objects of the unabomber’s story: wilderness, typewriting, cabin and bomb.
- Museum Piece John Smith|October 14th 2004|12’23m|UK/Germany
While the Iraq war continues, a day’s sightseeing and the features of a German hotel provoke a stream of thoughts about events large and small. The second video in the ‘Hotel Diaries’ series, a collection of late night recordings made in foreign hotel rooms which relate personal experiences of contemporary world events.
- Seven Rolls Of Slides Carla Garcia|2005|10m|UK
A film made of 252 35mm colour slides printed onto 16mm film. An old fixed-focus compact camera that gives little control over the image has allowed an exploration of the way light changes throughout the sequences.
- Found in Brussel Elisabeth Bruno|2004|3’42m|France UK Premiere
An assemblage based on a Super8 reel bought in Brussels.
- Half a Ten Jack Southern|2006|1’40m|UK
A visual response to a piece of music produced by artist Damien Roach. The work aims to visually represent an inverted zoetrope. 
- Sea Change Joe King/Rosie Pedlow|2005|6m|UK
Filmed on a caravan park at the end of the season, Sea Change reveals a landscape dramatically transformed by light and time, and resonating with the transience of human presence.
- Whirr Timo Katz|2006|2’23m|Germany International Premiere
Things are described through the visible surface of their appearance. In Whirr, a linear tracking shot of oscillating shots of townhouses aims show the ‘house’ without ever getting an exact
- Dark Room Bart Wasem|2005|3’30m|Switzerland UK Premiere
The story of a man and a woman who are waiting for a desired but already lost moment in their love. Their alienation towards one another is reflected in the loss of perspective causing disorientation and no escape from their ‘dark room’.
- Burka Boogie Woogie Sietske Tjallingii|2006|5’9m|Netherlands UK Premiere
A sensual and graphic dance under a burka. As the burka begins to have a life of its own it metamorphoses into a variety of shapes and plays with the mystery of Islam.
- The Bomb with a Man in his Shoe Ben Rivers|2005|16m|UK
A day in the life of a traditional shoemaker.
- The Kiss Le Baiser Stéfan Le Lay|2005|4’30m|France
A young lady is waiting for her beloved for their first French kiss but suddenly everything turns upside down.

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